The Effectiveness of Wiper Fluid for Different Occasions

If you're driving long miles down the open road, and slowly collecting splattered friends and debris on your windshield, it is definitely time to activate those wipers. The key ingredient is wiper fluid -- it combines with the wipers to make a windshield-cleaning team to be envied. But what really goes behind these two?

The solution in the wiper fluid acts like a soap. The soapy solution grips tightly to the dust particles and bugs. Then the specially designed freeze-resistant wiper solution alongside the windshield wiper smoothly, yet firmly, press against the windshield wiping away the unsightly. The weather in West Covina is known for being warm and dusty, especially when the Santa Ana winds blow through. The wiper fluid will keep the joints and parts of the wiper blades running efficiently as well. Using water instead will not clean the windshield as well, and even cause tears on the wiper blades.

We at West Covina Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram always recommend wiper fluid over water.
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