Our Technicians Are Skilled Professionals Who Care About Service

If you personally know an automotive technician, then you probably already know that they take the work performed as seriously as a doctor with a patient. Our technicians at West Covina Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram are no exception to that rule. In fact, because our technicians are factory-trained by the same people that manufactured your vehicle, they’re actually somewhat of a specialist!

Getting your vehicle serviced by us has another important benefit, which is that we use all original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. When technicians use OEM parts, there is less of a chance of receiving the wrong part or a defective part. There are several tests that are performed to assure the quality of OEM parts prior to them being distributed to our technicians. This added quality step gives you confidence in knowing that your vehicle is in the best operating order as you go about your daily routine in West Covina, CA. Making an appointment is just a phone call away!

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