Make Sure You Know About The "Move Over" Laws

You may be unknowingly breaking the law every time you pass by an emergency services vehicle, such as an ambulance or police officer, or a roadside worker repairing a sign or pothole in the road. Every state in America has a "Slow Down & Move Over" law and while many Americans are unaware of these laws, 71% according to a nationwide poll conducted by Mason Dixon Polling & Research, most states will issue a hefty fine for those who do not obey these laws.

The essence of the "Slow Down & Move Over" laws is that whenever you see a roadside worker or another emergency services worker as well as law enforcement on the side of the road doing their job, you are required to reduce your speed or move over into another lane if at all possible.

With awareness of these laws so low, everyone here at West Covina Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM wants to help spread the word. Drive Safely.

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